Viking Age Resources

Other websites to check out:

Recreating Viking Clothing, Hilde Thunem – wonderful overviews of archeological evidence of trousers, serk (dress) and smokkr (apron-dress)

Viking Answer Lady, Christie Ward – a wealth of information on many aspects of Norse life by Mistress Gunnvör silfrahárr

Viking Resource for the Re-enactor, Carolyn Priest-Dorman – articles on clothing, textiles, etc by Mistress Þóra Sharptooth

Where I buy fabric:

I buy most of my linen from I use their 3.5 ounce natural or bleached white linen for my dresses, and their 5.3 oz linen for tunics, pants, and smokkr

For wool, I am very fond of Naturtuche – they are a German company with beautiful light weight wools in Viking-Age appropriate weaves. Shipping from Germany does take a little time, but I have had great luck with their customer services.

I also like Woven by Elsbeth for hand woven twill fabric and leg wraps. She is one of the few US source I have found for diamond twill fabric.


5 thoughts on “Viking Age Resources

  1. was also very good. Tabby woven wool for £8 per meter an and it’s really warm.

  2. Heather Fritz-Hammond says:

    Ciars, did you do a class on headwear at Pennsic last year? If the answer is yes, I would love a copy of the notes as we were travelling around the world and I gave my copy to another person there who wanted them and then I lost my notebook on the trip on how to contact you for a soft copy.

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