I am currently working on the first garment I have ever made totally by hand – I have been hand-finishing my garb for several years now, but this is the first piece with the seams done by hand.

I decided to starthem in progress small so I am making a hood based the find from Skjoldehamn, Norway. This find has been dated to the 10th or 11th century.

My hood is made of navy blue wool lined in unbleached linen. I sewed the shell using navy silk thread and sewed the lining using linen thread. I find that I like working with linen sewing thread, which is interesting since I hate embroidering with linen floss. The seams are done in running stitch, with the seam allowance folded to one side and secured using whip stitch.

As of right now, both the lining and the shell are assembled, and I am working on  finishing the face opening using blanket stitch through a single-fold hem on each layer.