Back from Great Western War 2013

New laurel - Drach

Wow, what an incredible weekend! In addition to my Laurel vigil and elevation, my love was invited to join the Order of Chivalry and was knighted on the field yesterday morning 🙂

I put a lot of thought and planning into the various aspects of my elevation, and I am thrilled with how everything worked out! Over the next few days I will be posting about all the fun things I was able to work out.


2 thoughts on “Back from Great Western War 2013

  1. Renlady68 says:

    Hello, I’ve begun my research for my elevation. I would love to know the story of your cloak.

    • Congratulations on your upcoming elevation! Where are you located?

      The cloak I am wearing in this picture is the Kingdom of Caid’s Laurel cope. The patches you can see are the personal arms of current members of the Order in Caid. This cloak is available to all candidates in Caid who wish to use it in their elevation ceremony. It is not at all Norse-appropriate, but I wanted to use it because it is such a nice representation of being enfolded in the companionship of the Order.

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