Fun with Google Translate

What is a poor monolingual girl to do when many of the articles she wants to read are not in English? Get them translated of course! I have a wonderful friend helping my with some Swedish articles (Thanks Whilja!!!) but there are also a few articles published in German that I would love to read.

I am currently working on translating Inga Hägg’s article “Die Tracht” from Birka II:2 Systematische Analysen ger Gräberfunde. Since I don’t speak any German, I am typing the article in to Google Translate one paragraph at a time. While the program is not perfect, I have discovered that sometimes breaking up the German compound words helps the program recognize the words. However, sometimes the English translations doesn’t make much sense. And there are some words that it just doesn’t recognize.

Do I know any German speakers that are willing to help me out with a few words and phrases?


7 thoughts on “Fun with Google Translate

  1. Asfridhr says:

    Hi! Not a native speaker, but happy to help with translating Hägg. 🙂

  2. Asfridhr says:

    I have my own copy of Birka II:2, so tell me which sections you’re having trouble with?

  3. Tamara Bedic, Esq. says:

    Hello Ladies,
    I just found myself similarly situated (regarding translating from German)… How is your project faring? Did you post your finished English translation anywhere? I’d love to read it and improve my understanding of Viking construction.

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